Diego Santiago - Web Projects Manager

I love people and web... and celebrated every one of many projects that I've delivered...

I mean "we had finished..." it wouldn't ever be possible without people envolved.

I've teached my first class when had 14 years old. Five years later, I see relationship with people is my speciality; my partnership relationship started to grow with people around me.

"Most valuable thing in this life is who you have, not what", used to say Shakespeare. This people relationship hability helped me to build a strong partnership network; and I don't work with any kind of partner: only high skilled and experienced ones, who delivered various projects with me.

Our everyday résumé:

  • Listen our client needs
  • See technical viability
  • Calculate time x scope x budget
  • Do the project specification simply and objectively
  • Get prepared to risks
  • Hire the best teammates
  • Follow project status everyday
  • Work with team sense of motivation and idealistic development
  • Communicate interested parts
  • Control budget and quality
  • Assure the project implementation and properly utilization

Let's chat?

e-mail: contato@diegosantiago.com
skype: diego.santiago.natal